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[wtp-pmc] Status of committer lists and voting portal

I've exchanged notes with the EMO (Sharon and Karl) and confirmed the voting portal will _not_ be available right away.
We all want to sort through the details, from names to paper work and databases, to be sure all is both accurate and "stays in sync".
It will probably take a week or two.
So, we'll handle the current vote "the old fashioned way", submitting a request, pointing back to the mailing list
messages to document the vote of JEE Component team members.

But .. Naci's drive to use modern tools :) has  prompted the update the Component Teams document and the lists documented there.
I suggest if the PMC approves this document at our 5/15 meeting, then we "send" it to
wtp-dev to see if there are comments or objections from the wider WTP community.

There are some new sections, not only for JSF, Dali, and ATF, but also a section for website and releng projects.

So, please review and make sure I've not missed anything or made gross errors.

Another new thing, as I promised, is to write down a policy on "inactive committers". I have put it at the end of that component teams document,
but also I've copied below for your convenience.
This too, I suggest, we put on our 5/15 meeting agenda, to confirm or modify this written policy.

Thanks all,

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Policy on Inactive Committers

Our WTP Project charter (as part of the Eclipse Standard Charter v1.0) allows the PMC to remove inactive committers.

At times, Committers may become inactive for a variety of reasons. The decision making process of the Project relies on active committers who respond to discussions and vote in a constructive and timely manner. The PMC is responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the Project. A Committer who is disruptive, does not participate actively, or has been inactive for an extended period may have his or her commit status revoked by the PMC.

The purpose of this section is to be a bit more explicit and open about what "inactive" means as interpreted by our project. It will be considered to be effective retroactively when this policy is approved by the WTP PMC (circa May, 2007).

The measure of activity will operationally be CVS commits. Anyone who has not committed any code for 9 months or more will be considered inactive and subject to removal from the committer lists. There can be exceptions to this automatic removal, at the discretion of the PMC. There may be valid reasons why someone has not made CVS commits, but are still quite active in the project, perhaps through design or planning documents, bug triage, newsgroup activity, etc. But for these activities to happen without also some CVS commit is thought to be the exception to the rule, so the CVS commit rule is expected to be accurate enough to operationally spot people who are not active. And, just to cover the "fine print", this CVS rule is not blind or absolute; for example, if someone is observed to be checking in only formatting changes or something every few months solely to avoid hitting the 9 month limit, then they will still be considered inactive.

Anyone who thinks they have mistakenly been removed can write to the PMC and if the PMC agrees it was a mistake they can be re-instated without further voting or process.

This policy is not meant to substitute or override any other policies or procedures. For example, if a committer changes jobs, or whatever, and know they will no longer be able to participate in WTP, then it's still preferred that they proactively notify WTP and the EMO that they will no longer be a committer, rather than to passively wait for the 9 month rule to take effect.

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