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Re: [wtp-pmc] Possible alternate speaker for J1 talk?

Hi Tim,

Have you already submitted the slides for the talk?


If someone form ATF is planning to be at JavaOne, we can do this session. I am not sure about JSR 269 and update sites, but can look into them if we agree on doing this session.

Session Abstract:
See the latest web and Java EE 5 tooling from Eclipse. This session explores the newest features in the Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project--including WYSIWYG JavaServer Pages (JSP)/JavaServer Faces technology editing, Ajax tools such as DOM inspection, CSS tracking, and JavaScript language debugging--and support for the Java Persistence API and other Java EE 5 technologies.

The WTP project lead, Tim Wagner, presents a demo-driven talk that explores the WTP feature set, concentrating on those features that enable web application development. Attendees experience the range of support and functionality available with the open source project--no commercial tools are shown. The presentation also covers such platform technologies as refactoring, update sites, and the new JSR 269 implementation in Eclipse.

--- Original Message ---
> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" width="750" border="1">
> <form action="srvcontroller" method="post"></form>
> <tbody>
> <tr>
> <td>
> <center>TS-9782</center></td>
> <td>
> <div><a target="_blank" >Ajax and JavaServer Faces Technology
> Tooling in Eclipse</a></div></td>
> <td>
> <div>Technical Session</div></td>
> <td>
> <div><a target="_blank" >Tim Wagner</a>, BEA Systems,
> Inc.</div></td>
> <td nowrap align="middle">
> <div>Wednesday <br>May 09<br>10:55 AM - 11:55 AM</div></td></tr></tbody>
> <td><div>Just found out last week that my submission for J1
> had been accepted, although Sun never contacted me at the
> updated email address I gave them:</div>
> <div>&nbsp;</div></td></table>
> <div>&nbsp;</div>
> <div>&nbsp;</div>
> <div>Is anyone else interested in giving the talk if I can
> convince them to leave it on the program but with an alternate
> speaker? Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is not interested in having
> me present ;-).</div>
> <div>&nbsp;</div>
> <div>-t</div>
> <div>&nbsp;</div>
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