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[wtp-pmc] Please update WTP 2.0 Plan document..

Component Leads,


Please review the WTP 2.0 plan document, . This will serve as a high-level description of the features in the WTP 2.0 release.


I would like each of you to update the doc to include the set of features that will be in the WTP 2.0 release. You should also list features that were planned for 2.0, but have now been deferred. Please list only the high-level features/ enhancements. Each item should have a bugzilla entry that has the next level of detail for that feature.


In addition to your respective areas, I would like you to review the following sections and update for correctness:


1)       Major themes – I plan to  remove the deleted lines

2)       Common Goals


Finally, if you have suggestions on improving the structure of this document, please send them to me. I plan to use this as a starting point for creating the WTP 3.0 plan.



Raghu Srinivasan

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