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RE: [wtp-pmc] FW: JavaOne

Yes, I’ll be the marketing contact for WTP. I’ve CC’ed Lynn so she’s aware as well. Lynn, my phone number is 206 926-2978.





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Subject: [wtp-pmc] FW: JavaOne



We should discuss plans for JavaOne in our next meeting. Is Jess our Marketing contact?



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Subject: JavaOne


Hello!  Eclipse is currently preparing for JavaOne May 8-11 in San Francisco, where we have a double exhibit booth.  We’re planning to focus on projects from the Europa release during the conference, so I am emailing to see if you or someone from your project would like to demo at the Eclipse booth.  The schedule is below.  Please let me know which shifts you are interested in.



Tuesday, May 8

Wednesday, May 9

Thursday, May 10






















As well, could you please send me the name, phone number, and email address of the appropriate contact for marketing requests?  I am compiling a list for future Europa-related promotions.


Thanks very much for your help!



Lynn Gayowski

Marketing Events Manager

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

P (613) 224-9461 ext. 234

F (613) 224-5172




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