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Re: [wtp-pmc] [Fwd: [wtp-dev] WTP 2.0 JEE5 Support Test Use Cases]


I have read the draft and I just write this mail because I have one
question in my mind. In this draft, EJB is create using Glassfish, my
question is "is EJB 3 will support by WTP 2.0 or we have to use

I am sorry if this is not the right way to ask the question. It just
come in my mind because I am waiting for EJB 3.0 support in WTP 2. If
we have to use Glassfish then I will start developing using Glassfish.

Thanking you.


On 3/27/07, Naci Dai <naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Apologies for sending it to the wrong list.  I meant to propose it for
the PMC agenda tomorrow.

Proposed Agenda Item:

I have made a first draft of these use cases available at the wiki.  I
would like the get PMC opinions whether the failure to support these use
cases should be considered a blocker for 2.0 release.

Please comment....

Naci Dai,

eteration a.s.
itu teknokent ari-1 25
Maslak, Istanbul 34469

+90 (533) 580 2393 (cell)
+90 (212) 328 0825 (phone)
+90 (212) 328 0521 (fax)

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