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RE: [wtp-pmc] thanks and so long



Best of luck in your new job at Microsoft. Well, sort of :-D


Mike Milinkovich

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Subject: [wtp-pmc] thanks and so long




It was great seeing so many of your at EclipseCon this week. As we discussed previously, this is the end of the line for my PMC participation - my new employer has new demands on my time. It's been a great experience participating in WTP with everyone, and seeing the increase in the project's profile within the user community has been equally amazing. I know that David and Jess will do a fantastic job of leading the project, and our existing and emerging technologies will make a great contribution to Europa. Best wishes to everyone on the project, and especially to my fellow PMC members,




PS> You can continue to reach me at this email address (timawagner@xxxxxxxxx) or at twagner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.


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