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[wtp-pmc] Proposed changes to WTP 2.0 ramp down plan

I have some proposed changes to the WTP 2.0 ramp down plan that I wanted to distribute before making the change.  The changes regard our current plans for M6, and essentially provide an exception for 1.0 level projects to inlcude some minor enhancements in their code post-M6/pre-RC1.

Proposed changes are in italics:

For M6, we plan to be functionally and API complete and the remaining Release Candidates are for (only) fixing bugs, or fixing release required items (such as version numbers, licensing, etc.). An exception to this general rule will exist for 1.0 level projects (JPA and JSF), where minor enhancements and other polish items will be allowed until RC1 (May 18th).

Let me know if there are any objections to this change.  We can discuss at the PMC meeting tomorrow.


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