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Re: [wtp-pmc] Agenda for Tuesday's (2/6) meeting

As with so many other systems, I can no longer access EclipseZilla. However, I would vote for 4010, 4014, and 4021 (JSDT, Dali, and WS-Apache). The FlexDAO demo could be interesting, so that would be my backup vote.

On 2/5/07, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Monday, please read our agenda for Tuesday.

First, send me anything I should add (or, PMC members, just add yourself if you'd like).

Second, see the links and reminders for the EclipseCon short talks and demos.
Hopefully everyone will have reviewed them and decided their preferences before the
PMC meeting, so the meeting will be a quick finalizing and/or deciding borderline cases.


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