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Re: [wtp-pmc] Sub-projects do not have sub-projects under the Eclipse Development Process


FYI, work is underway to migrate to Phoenix. Bob Fraser from BEA is leading this effort.

-- Arthur

On 2/2/07, Bjorn Freeman-Benson < emo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
WTP PMC members,
Browsing around your website today, I noticed three things:

(1) First I noticed that it still hasn't been updated to the Phoenix skin in spite of the resolution from the Board .

(2) Second, and equally as important, I noticed that ATF is defined as a sub-project of WST: - "ATF is an incubator subproject of WST".

ATF was approved by the membership as a sub-project of the top-level WTP (see the proposal - "The AJAX Toolkit Framework is a proposed open-source project to be incubated within the Eclipse Web Tools Platform ("WTP") Project." You cannot change the project structure from one thing to another without informing the larger Eclipse community (through the process of a Review). We try hard to keep the process overhead low, but it is very important for projects to keep the larger community informed because, that early notification of new things is a very important benefit of membership.

(3) I noticed that "JSDT is described as "an  incubation component of WST" I'm sorry, but components do not incubate under the Eclipse Development Process. There was a fair amount of discussion around the project structure during the definition of the new Process and the community and Board chose not to have a deeply nested structure. Thus there are top-level projects (WTP) and sub-projects (JST, WST, ATF, Dali), but there is no deeper structure. You are welcome to manage your project(s) below that, but the public face to the Eclipse community is only two-levels. Thus components do not incubate separately from their projects.

Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Director, Open Source Process
Eclipse Foundation
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