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[wtp-pmc] Re: Europa CQs 01.11.2007.xls

Anne and Janet, here's our updated spread sheet from WTP with the individual rankings filled in as you requested.

PMC members, after a bit of back and forth of me grumbling, Anne and Bjorn convinced me that this individual ranking was
a reasonable request we could honor. It turns out the detailed ranking does not effect so much what they would
do with the rankings, but rather it was the
only way they could ensure projects really did think about it, and not just list all their IP requests as "top priority".

Since we had already thought about it, we'd actually met that requirement, so I pretty much
randomly assigned ranks within each of our main categories
of our high, med, and low. They assure me they still plan on getting through all requests ... and this information
is only needed to help prioritize work, just in case.


Anne Jacko <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

01/24/2007 09:47 PM

David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Janet Campbell <janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: Europa CQs 01.11.2007.xls

Hello David,

Thanks for sending your updated spreadsheet with the WTP CQ priority info. However, may I ask you to change the way you did the prioritizing a bit? For ranking the CQs, we need the numbering to go from 1 to N, with 1 being the most important, and N being the least, and N also corresponding to the number of CQs you have in the spreadsheet (in your case, I think it would go from 1 to 17 if I have counted right).


Anne Jacko
Development Process Operations Support
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

On Jan 24, 2007, at 12:15 AM, David M Williams wrote:


Here's the spreadsheet filled in for WTP.

Here's the most salient aspects:

0. I used priorities of 1, 2 or 3, where '1' is most important.

1. The Xerces listing is incorrect ... we actually wanted 2.8.1 for our maintenance release (we'd need by 2/1 to incorporate in time, or else we'll make available in later maintenance).
(It is not a "stop ship" issue, though, or you would have heard more about it before now!).
Instead, we'd like 2.9.0 for Europa (

2. ATF will still be in incubation when Europa comes out, so we've lowered that priority.

3. The xerces ones are not literally stop ship so we've lowered that priority.

4. The rest are need for Europa and important for our planned function, so marked them as a '1' priority.

We do hope you get though everything, but also hope our list gives you a better idea of which to do first.
Let us know if there's anything we can do to help the process move along.
(We are aware some are "awaiting_committer" and are going as fast as we can :)

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Please respond to
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"'Anne Jacko'" <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[] Europa CQs 01.11.2007.xls

In preparation for the upcoming Europa release we are soliciting your feedback so that we can better understand your needs and relative priorities.  Attached you will find a spreadsheet that has a list of all unresolved IPBugs that have been submitted by projects identified as participants in Europa on:  

I'm asking each project to indicate for their project only - (i) whether the requirement identified in the IPBug is required for Europa, and (ii) the relative priority of each of the IPBugs requested.  Please include your response in the spreadsheet attached and reply to me with a copy to

We will do our best to get through the IPBugs you identify as requirements for Europa in time for the release.  In order to make this process manageable however, we will have a cut-off of January 31st to have IPBugs eligible for consideration.  IPBugs submitted after January 31st will not be eligible for inclusion in Europa.





Janet Campbell

Legal Counsel & Manager, Intellectual Property

Eclipse Foundation Inc.

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