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[wtp-pmc] WTP PMC call agenda for Tuesday, January 23th, 2007

Quick call today - Jess and David are at council meetings and Naci sent regrets earlier.

Call logistics note: My conference # from BEA will be expiring; Jess will send out a replacement. Please be sure to use the updated call info starting next week. (If we have any problems today, we will not meet and will postpone business until next week; if that happens, I will run an email vote for the new committers.)

1. Community: Look at short talk submissions, JSF webinar promotion.
2. Process: PMC vote on ATF committership for Phil Berkland and Philippe Ombredanne.
3. Java 5 use discussion (per Tim deBoer's email thread).
4. ATF Status
5. JSF Status
6. Dali Status


1.5.3 Status (from John Lanuti):

The weekly WTP 1.5.3 M Build is tested and declared:

There is one caveat (one failing JUnit).   To use this driver, you must do a "fresh install" due to a versioning glitch from a PDE computation bug:

2.0 Status (from John Lanuti):

The weekly WTP 2.0 M5 I Build is tested and declared:

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