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Re: [wtp-pmc] Re: WTP PMC agenda for Tuesday, January 09, 2007 call


Ah yes, I appear to have confused myself over the long break.  I should have enough time to put that together.  Sorry for the confusion.


Tim Wagner wrote:



The idea was to have a graduation review in February; all the release review(s) would occur in May. The graduation review would focus more on community goals (transparency, permeability), project health and composition, alignment with WTP charter and objectives, etc. The ability to release in May would come up, but would not be the focus of the review.


Does that change your thinking, or are you still concerned about having enough time to put this together?


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Sounds like it will be an interesting call today.  Unfortunately we are having our Dali planning meetings yesterday and today, and I won't be able to call in for the duration.  I did want to talk some about our plan for a release review in late Feb.  After further consideration and re-reading the release review How-To, it doesn't appear that we will be ready for release review at that time.  We will likely need the full time to have our major features completed and ready for project review, which would mean review sometime in the May timeframe. 

I'll call in at the start of the meeting, but I understand if there isn't any time to discuss this issue today.  It can wait until next week.


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