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[wtp-pmc] Re: WTP PMC agenda for Tuesday, January 09, 2007 call


Sounds like it will be an interesting call today.  Unfortunately we are having our Dali planning meetings yesterday and today, and I won't be able to call in for the duration.  I did want to talk some about our plan for a release review in late Feb.  After further consideration and re-reading the release review How-To, it doesn't appear that we will be ready for release review at that time.  We will likely need the full time to have our major features completed and ready for project review, which would mean review sometime in the May timeframe. 

I'll call in at the start of the meeting, but I understand if there isn't any time to discuss this issue today.  It can wait until next week.


Tim Wagner wrote:

Call info:

  • Tollfree in the US: 866-214-3176
  • Alternate: 404-827-9098
  • Access code: 8870689#

Call Time: 7am PDT / 10am PDT


Regrets: none



  • Community [Pieter]
    • Verify long talk and panel disposition for EclipseCon (see earlier email)
    • Reminder to solicit short talk and demo submissions
  • Process issues [Tim]
    • PMC lead transition process and future PMC composition (See development process excepts below.)
    • Request by BEA to have Jess Garms join PMC calls to represent BEA’s adoption of, and contribution to, WTP, as I am no longer with BEA
  • EE 5 Call Summary [Naci]
  • 1.5.3 and 2.0 Status [David]
  • JSF Status [Raghu]
  • ATF Status [Robert]
  • Dali/JPA Status [Neil]



The Development of the Eclipse Platform is organized into a set of Top Level Projects,

each of which may contain one or more Projects. Each Project coordinates work on one

or more Subsystems. Each Top Level Project has a Charter and is managed by a

Project Management Committee (PMC). The Charter describes the purpose, scope,

and operational rules for the Top Level Project. The Board approves these Charters as

part of the Top Level Project approval. The EMO recruits a PMC Lead who forms the

PMC. PMCs are expected to ensure that

All Projects operate effectively by providing leadership to guide the Project’s

overall direction and by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving


All Project plans, technical documents and reports are publicly available

All Projects operate using open source rules of engagement: meritocracy,

transparency, and open participation. These principles work together. Anyone can

participate in a Project. This open interaction, from answering questions to

reporting bugs to making code contributions to creating designs, enables everyone

to recognize and utilize the contributions.

Strategic Developers are required to lead at least one Project, and encouraged to lead a

PMC. However, the EMO may approve any qualified individual to lead a PMC, and

PMCs may approve any qualified individual to lead a Project.

5. PMC Lead replacement

If the PMC Lead position is vacant, the EMO is responsible for recruiting a replacement.

If the PMC Lead is not doing a satisfactory job, the EMO can replace the PMC Lead with

Board approval.



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