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[wtp-pmc] FW: [] Long Talk and Panelfinal roundup

Title: Long Talk and Panel final roundup

For our meeting tomorrow. Note in particular the items in bold red that concern WTP.


If you have concerns, vetos, etc. please raise in the meeting; otherwise, I will let Rich proceed as he indicates below. The long talk selection is consistent with our two “runners up” from previous conversations.


From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Gronback
Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2007 1:42 PM
To: Eclipsecon Program Committee list
Subject: [] Long Talk and Panelfinal roundup


As we’re already past our deadline and soon need to start reviewing short talks and demos, I plan to do the following in order to finish up our long talk & panel selections and schedule rooms (speak now if you object, or better, resolve your tracks asap :)


  1. Reclaim the panel slots from C++, Reporting, RCP, and Tools, as they have no submissions.
  2. Allocate one to Fundamentals and accept both of its submissions - 3757: What sucks about Eclipse (2 PC votes, 1 community vote) & 3891: How we learned to stop worrying and love Eclipse UA (1 PC vote, 16 community votes)
  3. Accept OSGi panel 3900: What does the future hold for OSGi? (2 PC votes, 4 community votes)
  4. Accept Web panel 3747: What does Eclipse need to do to become the IDE for AJAX?
  5. Decline the rest.  This gives us 10 panels overall, and frees up some space we may need on Thursday due to a potential room conflict.

Long Talks:

  1. In the Java track, accept 3650: The fine art of reverse engineering (3 PC votes, 1 community vote) & 3825: Threads, java.util.concurrent and Eclipse Jobs: problems and solutions (1 PC vote, 2 community votes).
  2. In the OSGi track, accept 3705: Using OSGi back-end system for the purpose of enterprise management of Eclipse IDEs
  3. In the RCP track, accept 3628: Rich client platforms: Eclipse RCP compared with NetBeans Platform (2 PC votes, 13 community votes); 3816: How to make your RCP application NOT look like Eclipse (1 PC vote, 4 community votes)
  4. In the SOA track, accept 3882: STP Components (2 PC votes); 3887: From modeling to execution in the enterprise – using BPMN and BPEL (2 PC votes)
  5. In the Web track, accept 3869: XML Development Tools in Eclipse WTP and beyond (1 PC vote, 1 community vote)
  6. Decline the rest.  This gives us 67 with another one (or two) coming to Mike’s Director’s Choice track


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