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[wtp-pmc] 4 Agenda items for Tuesday PMC meeting

Here's 4 items for 1/9 PMC meeting.

I'm sending these short write-ups in advance
so hopefully we can decide
them quickly.

RDB in WTP 1.5.3 stream

Some adopters (which happen to be from IBM) have requested the RDB
components in our 1.5.3 stream be provided in a separate zip.  This would not be
much extra work for us (I would tweak the build to provide this). I propose we do this
and simply make the zip available on the download site (but not on the download
page, since it is not needed widely, and is simply a tactical, transitioning need).

If PMC does not object, I will announce this plan on wtp-dev, in order to be open and transparent,
but not otherwise advertise it, so as to not cause any confusion.

JEM transfer (move) from VE/Tools PMC to JST/WTP PMC

We've discussed this issue as we moved up to M4, but wanted to get a formal vote on
the record that WTP PMC agrees with taking over JEM. I've discussed with other
relevant parties, and they are in agreement, so, once I get official WTP agreement,
I'll contact EMO and set up a "move review".

Expanded _javascript_ Component

The AFT project has proposed part of their work to improve
the _javascript_ editor be conducted as an incubating component
of WST, since the WST project is scoped to do _javascript_ development
tools for the web. This is a WTP 3.0, 2008 release item, but it's such a large
effort the time would be to start now. So, with PMC approval, we'll
announce this new _javascript_ work to EMO and Eclipse community,
setup a new _javascript_ component page, etc., ... and perhaps even
a new mailing list and newsgroup, in anticipation of the interest.
The hope is, of course, that others will be interested in joining the effort.

DocBook Editor

We have had a proposal to add a DocBook editor to WST.

These seems to me to be well within WST's charter, as the
Eclipse home of XML and since DocBook is an OASIS standard.

But, it also seems different enough from pure "web work" that
we should explicitly approve it as a PMC, and announce our
intent to EMO and Eclipse Community.
Note, this is primarily a WTP 3.0, 2008 issue, but
we should respond to the contributor as soon as possible, so
they know our intent and what they can plan on.

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