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[wtp-pmc] RE: Latest Webtool selections for EclipseCon

Title: Re: Latest Webtool selections for EclipseCon

Excellent news!


David, do you know if Craig has a significant demo component to his XML pres? If so, we could put that one in a demo room. (PMC members – looping you in as well.)


From: Richard Gronback [mailto:richard.gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 11:46 AM
To: David M Williams; bjorn@xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Tim Wagner
Subject: Re: Latest Webtool selections for EclipseCon



Please go ahead and accept another Long Talk.  I’ve increased the allocation by 1 for the Web track, as mentioned in the email I just sent to the PC.  We can probably squeeze your other wish list item into a demo room space, or better, if you have a talk that would make a good talk + demo, we can work on scheduling them in the rooms to facilitate.  Just let me know.


On 12/19/06 3:07 PM, "David M Williams" <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Bjorn, thanks for agreeing to help while Tim's off the grid (and net!) ....

First, these were the four we'd already picked for long talks ... please confirm Tim had updated them
(I don't recall the exact timing of our picks and the storm, etc).

In previous meetings, accepted 3832 as the panel talk and 3683, 3817, 3799, and 3820 as long talks.

Then in today's PMC meeting we picked our fifth and final long talk

In this meeting we accepted
Matt Kent, RadRails 1.0
as our final 5th long talk.

And, is there any chance of new slot's "opening up"?
The following two were painful for us to not be able to accept, so we regard those as our "runner ups",
in case out allocated number can be increased.

And we picked, in order, two "runners up", in case there are more slots that open soon:
Raghu Srinivasan, Extending the JavaServer Faces Tools Project
Craig Salter, XML Development Tools in Eclipse WTP and Beyond <>

Thanks again for you help.


Richard C. Gronback
Borland Software Corporation
+1 860 227 9215

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