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Re: [wtp-pmc] EclipseCon vote summary

Although I'm not voting I thought I'd pipe in with my 2 cents. From my experience at EclipseCon the past 2 years, the user centred WTP talks have been much better attended than the plug-in developer/adopter centred WTP talks. Might be useful to play to what the people have been showing they want.

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12/11/2006 03:43 PM

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[wtp-pmc] EclipseCon vote summary

1.        Adopting WTP
1.        Facets – 3817 (Kosta), but ask Judd to participate as well
2.        Robert’s ATF talk - 3683
3.        Web services for users – I’m inclined to choose Chris’ (3820), but ask Judd to participate and merge in his 3605, which he gave last year
4.        Some kind of overview –Cameron’s “free beer” demo exploration (3799), my 3840, or a combination thereof
5.        Hard for me to pick my last one; would like to get another slot or two ;-). I’m stuck trying to decide among
1.        JSF platform
2.        WS platform
3.        XML
4.        RadRails (even though it was given last year, still a lot of interest in it)

Presenter Company/Org Focus Title Comments Link
Alexander Tarachanowicz PHPEclipse Users Agile PHP Development with Eclipse No – not PHP project
Craig Salter IBM/WTP ??? XML Development Tools in Eclipse WTP and Beyond See question
Tim Wagner BEA/WTP Both, but more users WTP Project Roadmap and Overview Me
Raj Alagumalai BEA Users J2EZ – J2EE Made Easier with BEA Workshop commercial
Chris Brealey IBM/WTP Users Introduction to Web Services Tools in WTP
Konstantin Komissarchik BEA/WTP Adopters Extending WTP Using Project Facets Yes
Kathy Chan IBM/WTP Adopters Understanding the Web Services …Platform…
Peter Moogk IBM/WTP Users Web Service Tools in IBM RAD 7.0 commercial
Cameron Bateman Oracle/WTP Users “Free Beer” Enterprise Web Development in Eclipse
Matt Kent RIT Users RadRails 1.0 Last year
Kaloyan Raev SAP Users Developing EE 5 Applications with the SAP Netweaver Platform commercial
Max Katz Exadel Users Developing Rich Applications with JSF and AJAX Weird?
Peter Yared ActiveGrid Users Enterprise Web 2.0 … Business?
Robert Goodman IBM/WTP Users Eclipse Ajax Toolkit Framework Yes
Raghu Srinivasan Oracle/WTP Adopters Extending the JavaServer Faces Tools Project
Christopher Judd Judd Solutions Adopters Extending WTP with Facets Merge w/ Kosta
Christopher Judd Judd Solutions Users Consuming and Producing Web Services with WTP Last year

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