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Re: [wtp-pmc] Cleaning up ATF's committer list

Bob, I'll write this down as a check list of more than you need .... just to help us remember.

Ideally, the committer would send a note to PMC list (or PMC member) ... just so we have a record of their statement, since the committer "contract" is between EMO and the person).
If that's not possible, then a note from you is fine (and you might explain why they could not send one .. you know if they are in jail or something :)  

We normally relay those notes here to PMC list for the long term record.

Then, and this is probably what you were asking about :)
send a note to
sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx, and
(sharon keeps the books, and the webmaster will adjust ACLs).
Ideally you'd also give their cvs id in case there's any confusion.

Then, adjust our IP log (instead of just removing names, please move them to "past committers" section, indicating last release they would have contributed to).

Then, adjust our "people pages" if necessary.

Then, adjust our "team pages", if necessary

Hope this helps,

Robert Goodman/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
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12/08/2006 10:53 AM

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[wtp-pmc] Cleaning up ATF's committer list

ATF's has a number of inactive committers. Two of them I know will never be returning to the project. I would like to remove CraigBecker -cbecker and Donald Jr.Sedota -dosedota as ATF committers. I have discuss this with both of them. Can somebody on the PMC tell me what the process is to remove committers?



Robert Goodman
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