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[wtp-pmc] Talks from last year's EclipseCon

Caveat: There weren’t tracks in the same sense that there are this year, so I had to manually scrape the information from, which has begun to suffer from bit rot. So apologies in advance if I missed something…



  • Extending the Web Tools Platform, Part I
  • Extending the Web Tools Platform, Part 2
  • Problem determination of J2EE Web Applications Using the Eclipse TPTP
  • BEA Workshop for JSF 3.0 Tutorial (Corporate sponsored)
  • Extending the XML and JSP editors from the WTP project
  • Constructing web services using IBM’s Eclipse-based Software Development Platform (Corporate sponsored)


Long talks:

  • Consuming and producing web services with WST and JST
  • Java Web Application Development with Eclipse WTP
  • EJB 3.0 Persistence and the Dali EJB ORM Project
  • PHP IDE Project
  • Web Services component level tracing with TPTP
  • RadRails


Short talks:

  • Ajax, OpenLaszlo and Eclipse
  • The AJAX Toolkit Framework
  • Laszlo Tools Project

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