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[wtp-pmc] FW: [] Expandedtutorialallocations

Title: Re: [] Expanded tutorialallocations

FYI – Rich created additional slots, so I was able to add these presentations.


From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Gronback
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 10:04 AM
To: Eclipsecon Program Committee list
Subject: Re: [] Expandedtutorialallocations



On 11/20/06 11:57 AM, "Tim Wagner" <twagner@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Just want to confirm: I can accept 3 additional web tools tutorials (3634, 3576, 3677) today?

From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Gronback
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 8:39 AM
To: Eclipsecon Program Committee list
Subject: Re: [] Expanded tutorialallocations

If you’re the track owner, and you approve of the proposed addition(s) below, can you please update the status to ACCEPTED for those below so that we can complete our tutorial selections and announce?  If it’s indicated as a “double short” just leave it as Short Tutorial and we’ll figure out how to deal with it during room scheduling next.


On 11/17/06 9:29 AM, "Richard Gronback" <richard.gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It seems we’re having some email issues, as I just got this after sending yesterday.

In the meantime, Jeff has suggested this tutorial to fill the final slot:

[1] Creating Enterprise Business Applications Using Eclipse RCP


On 11/16/06 8:50 PM, "Richard Gronback" <richard.gronback@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Here is a proposal of how we can fill the remaining slots, based on feedback so far (OSGi still has 1 short to allocate from original).  Thoughts?

[2] A Tour of the Eclipse Debug Framework (double short)

[2] Building Server-Side Eclipse based web applications (double short)

[1] Extending the XML and source editors from the WTP Project
[1] Integration of a new Ajax personality into ATF (Ajax Toolkit Framework)
[1] Using the Web Tools Platform in Headless Mode

[3] MDSD from Front End to Code using Eclipse Modeling Technologies (restored to long)

[1] RCP UI Development in the Eclipse Workbench (double short – currently allocated as short)

[2] Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins (double short)


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