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Re: [wtp-pmc] Comment on section PHP Tools Project of the Web Tools Platform 2.0 Plan


I'm not familiar with the background for this issue but this sounds like a bad situation to me. I think where possible projects should communicate and work together to avoid duplicating function. WRT servers, I think Eclipse should have one way to create and control servers as users will likely want to install both Java and PHP Web development tools. As WTP users are already familiar with the WTP server tools I really think that creating another way to control servers for PHP is a mistake. (Actually, I think it's a mistake for the PHP project to not seamlessly integrate with WTP as I think Eclipse users will expect it to.) Remember, many users will install Eclipse, WTP and PHP and expect all the projects to work together.

Instead of creating a competing server framework in the PHP project, which seems to me to be out of scope for the project (the creation review slides for the project state one of the goals is to "Leverage the existing Web Tools Project in providing developers with PHP capabilities" [1]), I'd like to see the PHP committers work with the WTP server tools team. Can you set up a meeting between the two teams to discuss the limitations/problems the PHP team is having with the server tools? (Has this call already happened?)



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[wtp-pmc] Comment on section PHP Tools Project of the Web Tools Platform 2.0 Plan

The PHP tools project has dropped or is planning to dropped support for the Apache Server built on top of the WTP server infrastructure. The PHP team is building there own Apache server support which isn't based on the WTP server infrastructure. ATF has picked up the Apache Server based on the WTP infrastructure and integrated it into ATF. In the process the ATF team changed the GUIs back to match the WTP server GUIs for creating a Server. The PHP team didn't think that the WTP GUIs were very intuitive. Since these GUIs are baked into the WTP infrastructure, changing the GUIs caused a number of problems. Eventually the PHP team decided to move off the WTP server infrastructure.



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