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[wtp-pmc] Suggestion for WTP Short tutorials..



As discussed in the last PMC call, I like the concept of dividing the tutorials between the themes of ‘Extending WTP’ and ‘Building with WTP’. I would like to strengthen this further by making each of the short tutorials a part of a bigger series, ‘Building applications with WTP ’. Thus we will have the following tutorials


1)       Building applications with WTP – WebServices

2)       Building applications with WTP – JPA

3)       Building application with WTP – JSF and AJAX


Further, I would like each of the tutorials to build a part of the same application. We can choose one of the Java blueprints as the standard application or come up with a new one. This has numerous advantages, including giving the attendees a unified big picture instead of each project (topic) acting as an independent silo. And if we have the luxury of scheduling them one after the other, then it would be of great value to the participant. I am sure we can come up with more +ves.


Thanks for considering this.




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