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[wtp-pmc] ATF Status

I will only be able to attend the beginning of the PMC meeting, so I sent the ATF status in a note

Tech Preview

Planning for the first part of January. We didn't want to do it the at the end of the year, since we were afraid that any announcement wouldn't be noticed with everything going on around Christmas.  Also, a lot of team will be out of the office around Christmas. There are two things that we want to get into the Tech Preview which are Mac support and a supported version of Mozilla's XULRunner 1.8.1. There is a lot of demand for Mac, so we thing that this would be a good addition to the Tech Preview. We are using an hand built version of Mozilla's XULRunner 1.8.1. We are working with Mozilla to begin official build of XULRunner 1.8.1, We didn't want to do a Tech Preview with a hand built unsupported version of XULRunner.

APIs Definition

Defining APIs, wasn't consider when considered when developing ATF. We will need to define the API's and then implement them. We have started looking at the areas we want to define API's. We also plan to start a discussion on our listserv, so the community can weigh in on the areas that they consider important for APIs. By the time we are ready to do a Tech Preview, we should know the areas that we want to define APIs, but the API's won't be defined.

_javascript_ Editor.

We plan to announce out plan to do a new _javascript_ editor. We plan to post a detail proposal to solicit community feedback, possible alternatives, additional project participation, and ways the project can be leveraged from the Eclipse membership-at-large.


Robert Goodman
IBM Emerging Technologies
512-838-8824    T.L. 678-8824

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