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Re: [wtp-pmc] Releng component access


One other question - I forgot that Tran also needed commit rights to the releng.wtpbuilder project in order to alter the build xml for Dali (releng.wtpbuild/components/dali and releng.wtpbuild/components/dali.tests).  Let me know if this is OK, or whether another process should be followed.


David M Williams wrote:

Yes, Neil, any (or even all) committers to the Dali (JPA) project can have commit rights to the releng.dali cvs project, that is under the webtools project in cvs.

CC to webmasters: just in case you need an offiical note from the WTP PMC, please file this one,  as that official note.

The releng.dali project should have the same sorts of permissoins for the Dali project that the
releng.jsf project has for the JSF project. This is our mechanism of handling the "point intersection" of WTP and our incubating subprojects.


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[wtp-pmc] Releng component access

Just to confirm in email what was previously discussed in a PMC meeting,
can I proceed with asking the Eclipse Webmaster to provide committer
access to committer Tran Le for "releng.dali"?  I believe we said that
access to the releng component would be available to committers that
would benefit from such access?

Let me know if I am mistaken about this.

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