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[wtp-pmc] Small item for agenda: Jar signing, Downloads

per this requirement from Eclipse Foundation ... "We will be extending signing privileges to one or two committers on each project."
I recommend we specify myself and Naci as the "signers" ... we are both used to working with the infrastructure and in a position to
"officially release" a build.

But  .. other suggestions welcome.

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10/20/2006 10:53 AM

[] Jar signing, Downloads

Greetings all,

A short update for you today:

1. Jar signing

The Eclipse Foundation, with help from the Eclipse project team, has set up an infrastructure that will enable you to sign your JAR files, as well as JAR files within a ZIP file. The files are signed by the Foundation, using a Foundation-owned code signing certificate. We will be extending signing privileges to one or two committers on each project.

How does it work?

1. You Project Lead must tell us (webmaster) who is allowed to sign JARs for your project.

2. When you've been granted signing privileges, you use an SSH client and connect to using your committer account as usual.

3. You must copy/move the files you wish to sign to the downloads staging area. We do not allow you to sign files from any other location.

4. You type a command that will add files to the signing queue. The queue is processed automatically, and you can get an e-mail notification when signing is complete.

5. You can then move the signed files from the staging area to your downloads area.

Detailed instructions on the signing process will be sent to those committers who are appointed as signers.

If you have any questions about signing, please ask, or refer to these documents:

2. Downloads vs. archives

When moving files from to, a common pain point was the need to update all your download links.  If you're using (and you should be), you don't need to update your download links anymore. When download.php cannot find the requested file on, it searches the exact same file on  This change should help simplify moving files to the archives.

As usual, thanks for reading.


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