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[wtp-pmc] WTP-STP Working Group

Hi All,

Oisin Hurley (STP PMC lead) and I have had a phone discussion on ways for kicking off  facilitating the WTP and STP collaboration.  It was a very useful discussion and a summary of this call was:

  • A joint workgroup would help speed the process of collaboration between the projects. The following would also help:
    • A conf call every other week  to start planning, follow progress and resolve issues.
    • Volunteers from wtp & stp to lead this effort.
    • Component owners in wtp & stp that would own the work
  • Gather Feedback and Information on areas where collaboration would occur
    • Feedback from PMCs, contributors, component owners and community on specific areas where this work should be focused.
    • Committers who commit to both STP & WTP are very valuable
    • Feedback from wtp-dev and stp-dev groups
    • A bugzilla entry to organize the topics.
    • An initial rough set of topics would probably include:
      • Runtime/Server Support
      • Multiple deployment
      • Service Creation
      • Extensibility of WTP Wizards and APIs
      • Project Facets
  • Provide feedback to WTP planning process for v2.0
  • Use a joint wiki page to edit and publish this information.
Naci Dai,

eteration a.s. 
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Maslak, Istanbul 34469

+90 (533) 580 2393 (cell)
+90 (212) 328 0825 (phone)
+90 (212) 328 0521 (fax)

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