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[wtp-pmc] planning council summary

The planning council met in Chicago this past week. Some of what was discussed was the “plan for a plan” for Europa (the “Callisto of 2007”). Some concrete details that affect WTP:


·         The first Callisto maintenance pack will ship on Friday, September 29th with a mid-September RC. All Callisto projects pledged to be on that train (including us).

·         There will be a second maintenance pack, some strategy in the late January / early February timeframe (no specific date assigned yet).

·         For Europa, projects are requested to “join the train” as early as possible – ideally by October. This will provide platform with useful feedback and help mitigate risk. A similar “pile on window” will be used as for Callisto, with the platform reaching milestone dates, then 1st level dependencies, then 2nd level dependencies, etc.

·         EMF has decided to require Java 5 (aka 1.5)-level VM for its Europa release; this essentially dictates that we do likewise. (Which is helpful in that our focus on EE 5 for the 2.0 release requires annotation processing APIs.)

·         IBM proposed a new approach using an Eclipse project to produce language packs in the post-Callisto timeframe, and solicited other members to join them in that effort.

·         Janet Campbell reviewed the IP process, for which we now have a handy new flowchart (need to get the online pointer; we looked at printed material).


There was also some discussion of process pain points, especially IP reviews, a debrief of what went right/wrong with Callisto, and a cake for David (who may want to chime in with additional items and/or architecture council summary for WTP).


The Board discussions included (along with the usual procedural stuff):


·         Some discussion of the competitive threat netbeans represents

o        It would be helpful to review the “WTP of netbeans” functionality and develop a feature-by-feature comparison to see how our project stacks up.

o        ATF represents a significant leading edge technology and “coolness / wow” factor that we should exploit further.

·         Removal of the prohibition on “server” projects at Eclipse (since we have several already)


Let me know if you have further questions about either of these meetings.


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