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[wtp-pmc] Sybase committers for new component



Regarding the creation and staffing of a new component to represent the Sybase donation of a visual JSP/HTML/JSF editor: I checked with the development process guru (aka Bjorn), and in fact we *can* elect at the WTP PMC level to form a new component and staff it with initial committers who are associated with the codebase without requiring an election process. The requirements as I understand them are:


  • A new, distinct component must be created so there is some definition of the scope and content of the codebase in question that the new committers are associated with
  • The new committers must be core developers on the codebase, capable of understanding, extending, supporting, and integrating it into WTP
  • The WTP PMC must approve the creation of the component and the “accelerated” staffing decision


Let’s continue our planning and discussion around this topic as Sybase finalizes its contribution and staffing decisions. I’d like to add at least a preliminary discussion to the 7/11 PMC call agenda.


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