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[wtp-pmc] JSF Tools Project: Next steps..


The JSF Tools Project Release 0.5 is almost out of the door. Thanks to all for taking the time to exercise the various milestone builds and for giving your feedback. We have a good first release and have achieved the objective of integrating with the WTP community. It is now time to plan for the next major release, WTP 2.0 - JSF Tools project 1.0.

We saw a great demo of the Visual JSF Page designer that Sybase is going to contribute to the project. This will be one of the key feature that we will focus on for the next release. Sybase will contribute the code in a week or two and we will get an opportunity to review the contribution. This is also a good time for the community to give their feedback to the project team on the features and bugs that they would like to see us address in the next release. Please raise bugs in the bugzilla for all the enhancement requests.

As part of the move to Release 1.0, I would like to change the weekly status meetings to monthly meetings. We will have the status call on Monday to report on the 0.5 release. The next status meeting will be on August 7th. If needed, we will schedule separate meetings to discuss requirements.

Lastly, I am going on a vacation starting 6/26 and will be back on 7/26. During this period, Gerry Kessler (gerry.kessler@xxxxxxxxxx) will manage the project.

Raghu Srinivasan
Project Lead

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