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[wtp-pmc] triage regrets 6/23-6/30 and PMC call schedule

I will be traveling or in Eclipse Board/Council meetings for a week this Friday, June 23rd until Callisto releases. I’m hoping that we will no longer have triage issues to deal with, but if we do, IM (timwagner2003 on yahoo) or calling (206.618.0495) are the most reliable ways to get me. I’ll be attempting to read email in the evenings, but I can’t always manage to catch up. On a related note, please forward any committer issues for the Board meetings or Planning Council requests if I don’t already have them.


We will meet next week (27th) as usual, but *not* the following week on July 4th, which is a US holiday. PMC meetings resume July 11th. I will be out the entire week of the 4th, so please call me (206.618.0495) for any emergencies during that time.


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