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[wtp-pmc] Re: [wtp-jsf-dev] Review of Facets in the JSF Tools Project and the Dali project..


I'd appreciate it a lot if you could spend some time with the JSF and Dali teams and advise them on how to exploit facets to improve their architectural alignment with WTP. We need to look like one integrated product, so consistent use of facets across all components is essential. Thx.

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[wtp-jsf-dev] Review of Facets in the JSF Tools Project and the        Dali project..

Hi Konstantin,

I would like to schedule a conference call with you to review the use of facets in the JSF Tools Project and also the Dali project. Please let me know if you can participate in our status call on Monday at 11.00 AM PDT.

The WTP PMC reviewed the two projects last week and one of the issue that was raised was the use of facets by the two project. I will summarize the issue for the JSF Tools Project. Neil Hauge will do the same for the Dali project.  Gerry Kessler (cc'ed ) is the committer on the project working on this feature.The issue for the JSF Tools project is tracked in the following  bugzilla:

The JSF Tools project has added  the 'JSF Facet ' to WTP. You need to add this facet to a Dynamic Web project to use the JSF Tools capabilities. When you add a JSF Facet to a project,  you are prompted to add 'JSF Libraries' to the project. A JSF Library is a named collection of jars similar to the JDT User library. These jars are added to the build path and optionally deployed to the Server. A Dynamic Web Project that has the JSF Facet, has a property page called the JSF Librrary reference. This allows you to modify the JSF Libraries on the project.

The use of the property page to modify the libraries on the project is not correct. These should be done through the Facet add/remove mechanism. It was suggested that there should be a modify option form the Project Facet property page that should be used to achieve the above functionality.

More info:
You can get the JSF Tools project from the WTP continuous build page:

Tutorial that explains the functionality:

The above build also has Help that explains the JSF Facet.


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