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[wtp-pmc] FW: [] Eclipse project reviews

Just when you thought it was safe…time to get the “external” release review slidedeck ready. We should deliver these to Anne this Wednesday (June 14th). They are just a slightly extended version of what you prepared for the internal reviews plus a few boilerplate slides.


Here’s the format I would suggest (each bullet point is one slide) based on previous reviews and community Q&A. Feel free to modify – my one piece of advice is not to spend a lot of time making it longer, as these reviews can be rather perfunctory. If you have questions about the format or content, let me know. There may also be some suggestions for Dali coming out of Monday’s review. We can also discuss at the PMC call Tuesday morning, and in addition to sending the decks to Anne, you should also submit them to the PMC for review prior to the public call – minor edits between the deck you give Anne and the final version are ok.


  • What:
    • Overview statement of what the project is/does
    • This is a pre-1.0 technology release review timed to coincide with WTP’s 1.5
    • The material will be made available for download on top of the 3.2 / 1.5 platforms via WTP’s download site and update manager (separate from 1.5)
  • Who:
    • Overview of the committers/contributors/companies involved.
    • Brief description of outreach/development of larger community:
      • Meetings posted
      • Telecons held
      • PMC calls participated in (e.g., WTP’s)
      • Use of mailing lists, newsgroups, etc. I.e., you’re a good citizen and you’re transparent/permeable.
      • Presentations given, conferences attended (summary)
      • List of recent reviews (move review, internal/WTP review, etc.)
  • When: Release schedule, including recent milestones, release date, a few speculative future milestones and the rough features delivered in each. Statement of current status, relationship to WTP builds, etc.
  • Feature overview
  • Standards supported
  • IP review. Something like the following boilerplate (and let’s verify with Janet that we’re not fibbing ;-)
    • About files and license files are complete and correct?: Yes
    • All significant and third-party contributions have been reviewed by Eclipse Legal? Yes: See project log for complete list
    • Project log complete and has been reviewed by Eclipse Legal? Yes
    • The URL is
  • (Provisional) API overview
    • All your APIs are provisional because this is a pre-1.0 release
    • Rough statement of where/what those APIs are
    • If you like, speculate on future growth areas for API (provisional or otherwise) or timing of provisional à real API
    • Also state explicitly that there are no end-of-life issues before there is no API yet.
  • Documentation status
    • User
    • Adopter/developer
  • Testing status
    • JUnit test summary statement
    • Include open and resolved-but-not-closed bug counts


From: [] On Behalf Of Anne Jacko
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 8:55 PM
Cc: janet.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [] Eclipse project reviews


Hello all,

The following reviews are taking place in the next few weeks. The conference call numbers are below.

Wed, 7 Jun 2006


2.0 Release Review (slides) at 1500 UTC

Wed, 21 Jun 2006


0.5 Release Review at 1500 UTC

Wed, 21 Jun 2006


0.5 Release Review at 1500 UTC

Wed, 21 Jun 2006

Enterprise Component Framework

Creation Review (slides) at 1500 UTC


Conference bridge:
passcode 874551#


Anne Jacko

Assistant to Bjorn Freeman-Benson


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