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[wtp-pmc] Dali review questions

I worked through a start-from-RDB case and had some questions/comments, which I included with my more general questions below.


  • I think the Glassfish link is wrong; I had to use:
  • I couldn’t figure out how to set the persistence provider, or even what the types of the values were supposed to be for the two text boxes. Some kind of hint as to what’s being looked for (directory? jar file? URL? other?) would be helpful right in the dialog. Better yet would be some kind of validation/browsing help. Also, could we set a default so I wouldn’t have to answer the question from scratch the next time?
  • Would it be possible to include a step-by-step example that includes setting up Derby or some other O/S DB? If there are issues with being inclusive of vendors, then I’m happy to have lots of such examples…my concern is just that struggling to get to the starting point of the Dali demo took me a long time and a lot of setup steps/patience.
  • What’s the experience inside WTP? Would we use facets to make this simpler? How else does it differ from the SE (containerless) case?
  • How much annotation validation exists today? How hard will the migration to APT be? When will that happen?
  • Build path configuration in “Add persistence” wizard: Shouldn’t this be a checkbox, on by default, and then perhaps a button to get to the more complex setup dialog? Better yet would be offering to add the libraries automatically…I had to grovel around a little too much to get the libraries set up, and that felt automatable.
  • Heuristic mapping guesses (substrings, nearest match, etc.)? Any thoughts on a visual surface for this process? (just curious…obviously not part of this release ;-)
  • How hard will DTP migration be in 3.2?
  • How much functionality is covered by your tests? (Same question I had for JSF.)
  • User docs look pretty good – need some sections completed, links filled in, and minor proofreading. I noticed that sections 6.1 and 6.3 seem to be the same thing. Only major comment is to echo the “getting to the starting point was a real challenge” issue, and some step-by-step instructions for various DB providers would have been incredibly helpful. (I used Derby, but it could have been anything that didn’t require $ to download for experimentation.)


The only other thing I might add to your slide deck is a brief (one slide) “development roadmap” to give some guidance on what features you imagine adding at what pace.


Again, apologies for not having sufficient time in the schedule today. I’ll respond to Neil’s scheduling email separately.



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