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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for June 06, 2006 telecon

Call info:

  • Tollfree in the US: 866-214-3176
  • Alternate: 404-827-9098
  • Access code: 8870689#

Call Time: 7am PDT



  • Community review [Lawrence]
    • Interview w/ Daryl Taft deferred; will hopefully occur this week
  • Process issues and scheduling [Tim]
    • Reminder of Dali/JSF internal review date: Wed, June 7th at 12 PDT / 3 EDT. Same call info as this one. Please review the materials provided (see attachments for details) in preparation for tomorrow’s call. We will also double check any triage items during that time.
    • External (EMO) release review for Dali and JSF scheduled for Wednesday, June 21st (I believe 8am PDT, but will check time)
    • LOC calculation
    • Post release vacation plans
  • 2.0 Requirements [Jochen]
  • 1.0.3 and 1.5/Callisto status [David]
  • Architecture [David]
  • JSF Status [Raghu]
  • ATF Status [Craig]
  • Dali/JPA Status [Neil]
  • Other discussion topics


From: wtp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Raghu Srinivasan [raghunathan.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 5:20 PM
To: WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions); Java Server Faces Tools developer discussion
Subject: [wtp-pmc] JSF Tools Project RC3 build+Tutorial posted..

Attachments: ATT3327294.txt

We have posted a build of the JSF Tools project along with a tutorial that walks through the features  in the build. You can access both of them from this page.
The next build on June 7th will be the feature freeze build.

Design docs:
We have checked-in design docs at the following folder in CVS: org.eclipse.jsf->development->design. We will continue to add more developer related documents in this folder.

User docs:
We have started working on the User documentation for the project.  We are waiting for documentation from Sybase on the Faces Config Editor.


From: wtp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Neil Hauge
Sent: Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:41 AM
To: wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [wtp-pmc] Dali project information

PMC Members,

As requested in yesterday's meeting, here are some links to help you get started with reviewing the Dali plug-in for the WTP internal review.

- Take a look at the viewlets on the homepage (on the right-hand side called "Dali Demos").  This will give you a feel for the tooling and how it works.

- The latest and best Dali build to use for the review can be found

- For reference, all Dali builds can be found here: (installation instructions are also located here if you need them, but there is nothing abnormal that is needed for install)

Getting Started:
- First review the information provided here:
- After this, follow the Getting Started section in the Eclipse 
Help->Help Contents - Dali O-R Mapping Tool User Guide or use the Dali
User Guide PDF located here:  The Getting Started chapter includes a Quick Start and a Tutorial that will take you through most of the functionality offered in the plug-in.  The tutorial is not fully complete, in that it does not include the surrounding infrastructure config to actually exercise a JPA implementation (session bean, JSP, etc).  That said, it takes you through what our tooling is responsible for, which is building up the necessary artifacts to actually execute an application using the JPA provider of your choice.  
It is our plan to have the full tutorial available by the end of June.
- Note that you can use the context-sensitive help in the Dali UI at any time by pressing F1.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Neil Hauge
Principal Software Developer
Oracle TopLink

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