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[wtp-pmc] Release AI status

·         Update release review slides and IP log with feedback

    • Completed – new deck uploaded, IP log name change made, EMO notified of update

·         Update Callisto process and send rampdown plans out to team

    • Done (though it took two tries ;-)

·         Schedule internal (WTP PMC review) of Dali and JSF technology preview releases

    • Done; see meeting invite in your inbox

·         Finalize external (EMO) release review dates for Dali and JSF

    • Sent email requesting 6/24; this is the latest date that still allows some time for corrections if there any issues are discovered.

·         Contact Ian re: WTP press

    • Done; see email


If anyone has additional changes to the IP log or release review deck or additional steps we need to take this week for the WTP release or prepping for Dali/JSF releases, please let me know.


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