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[wtp-pmc] Sub-project representation

Craig, Neil:


WTP’s PMC has historically been composed of sub-project leads (WST and JST) and other project-spanning roles, such as architecture, planning, and requirements group leads.


The recent change to incubate related technologies within sub-projects such as yours has created some confusion with respect to our PMC membership policy: our previous approach would have added PMC membership for each sub-project lead, but the roles would have been temporary, lasting only until sub-project graduation.


Upon review, however, that approach is actually in conflict with our written charter, which does not distinguish between full and “partial” membership status or between permanent and “temporary” members.


As a result, the PMC’s view is that we should establish a relationship with the incubating sub-project leads that is closer than that of normal committers or component leads, but distinct from PMC membership. Our existing policy of a standing invite to the PMC calls and participation in them as representatives of the sub-projects in question will be part of this, along with

·         Mentorship by the PMC sub-project lead (Arthur for WST or Naci for JST) that will ultimately contain the majority of the graduated component(s)

·         Support from the PMC lead (Tim) on IP, release review, marketing, and other EMO/Board communication

·         Release engineering support from David and Naci, as is currently done


Incubating sub-project leads will be encouraged to participate in non-voting PMC processes and will be candidates for PMC membership along with other WTP committers, judged on the merits of their accomplishments and their ability/availability for the management and external communication tasks required of PMC members.


I regret any confusion over our previous policies and hope that this clarifies your “special relationship” with the PMC during the course of your project’s incubation. As always, I and the rest of the PMC look forward to working closely with you to incubate and integrate your technologies into the wider WTP project.


Tim Wagner, on behalf of the WTP PMC


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