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Re: [wtp-pmc] Release review deck posted


I noticed an error:
  • About files and license files are complete and correct
    • Yes, although we discovered several places where CPL was not converted to EPL. Decision was to postpone 140431 to a minor release to avoid stability concerns in Callisto.

    The decision was to not make the change in 1.0.3 because David was concerned it would affect too many files and cause a lot of downloads from the Update Manager. We agreed do this in 1.5, and I assume we already have.

    Jeffrey, what is the status of 140431[1]? Are the changes released to 1.5? Thx.


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    [wtp-pmc] Release review deck posted

    Our API delta report is referenced by URL but still needs to be filled in on the website (the slide deck can stand as is if we keep the URL stable). If there isn’t sufficient time to generate an automated report, we’ll have to revert to summarizing there in high level terms. (Caveat: I have only received summaries from two component leads.)
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