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[wtp-pmc] Bugzilla entries related to logo use


tracks the *removal* of all 3rd party logos from the WTP 1.5. release, as requested by the EMO.


tracks WTP’s desire to restore them in a future release (defect on WTP, assigned to me).


tracks my request to the EMO to come up with an agreement that 3rd parties can sign to grant Eclipse projects usage rights for their logos. Once this is done, the WTP PMC can attempt to solve 142580 by getting signed agreements from all the 3rd parties for which we’d like to display logos. The EMO can keep the paperwork on file and WTP can record it in our IP log just like other 3rd party redist agreements.


Janet, Mike: When you have an ETA for 142579, that would help with WTP release planning. Let me know if this is something that requires Board action, in which case I’ll make a proposal in that forum.


CC’ing other parties who may be interested in the outcome.


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