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Re: [wtp-pmc] Google AJAX toolkit

Wow, I think this is RedPill -- back in Dec/Jan I was asked to evaluate this stuff, and it's neat
technology but, as Lawrence points out, it's all Java-based: the idea being that one writes the
entire web app, including the client end, in Java, and it spits out (obfuscated) _javascript_ that
does what you want it to do.

It was nicely integrated with Eclipse, and they did a nice job, but we weren't really sure what to
do with 'em, to be honest. Their Java-based approach made them orthogonal to ATF.

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Re: [wtp-pmc] Google AJAX toolkit

>From a quick overview of the Google Web toolkit it seems the defining characteristic of it is that development is done in Java, not HTML and _javascript_. (The site even states that Google Web toolkit based apps can be developed in Eclipse!) Google provides a test platform and a tool to convert Java code that makes use of the toolkit into HTML and _javascript_. From the project proposal, the initial focus of ATF is on _javascript_ and DOM tooling that facilitates development using toolkits such as Dojo. Given the defining characteristic of the Google Web toolkit I'm not sure how much benefit there will be from creating a Google personality.

Craig - Please feel free to correct me if I'm off base here and you think there will there be value in defining a Google personality.

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[wtp-pmc] Google AJAX toolkit

Have you seen ?

Curious to hear what you think about it, whether ATF should be integrated with their tool offerings, etc.

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