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[wtp-pmc] IP/EMO reviews for Dali and JSF ship

I confirmed the “rules” and scheduling issues with Janet today; please review and let me know where we stand and whether there’s more to do:


  • Original code contributions require contribution paperwork
  • 3rd party contributions require contribution paperwork
  • Ongoing develop by committers not part of either of the above require no special paperwork or review



I know that the EMF models and faces config editor contributions to JSF were already signed off by the EMO. If there are no other initial or 3rd party contributions, then we are good to go (although the incubation and release review are still mandated). If there’s more, we need to get the names/details of those questionnaires in front of Janet – she has about a 1 week lag, and there’s only a single Board meeting left in which to approve.



Neil/Shaun – do you know if “Name: EMF Binding
Version: 1.0
Size: 1633
Description: Porting of JSR220-ORM projects EMF Binding and Selection Framework to the Dali project. This contribution was a porting of existing code in the JSR220-ORM project to the Dali project.  Some refactoring was necessary to finish the porting. The porting and refactoring was done by the contributor, Markus Kuppe.  The original EMF Binding code was developed by committer Dirk Le Roux.

“ has been approved? Do you have any other contribution questionnaires from either initial contributions or 3rd party content?


Finally, it goes without saying that no new 3rd party content can be successfully introduced between now and Callisto ship ;-). If we can clear all the IP hurdles, then I’ll request a release review meeting from Bjorn for each sub project.






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