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[wtp-pmc] Fw: Status of WTP 1.0.2 announcement

Ok, I think I have bug 138825 well understood now, and while a major bug, since it does not really effect any "run time" behavior, I do not think
it is stop ship.  I've outlined a plan in the bug, that I think suffices .. basically make this the first fix of a 1.0.3 stream, so adopters can use it,
and feel confident the code is exactly the same as in 1.0.2, and provide that initial build on our update site for community users who want to
use update manager.

I will still wait until after status meeting to announce 1.0.2 in case any member of the PMC wants to object to this strategy.

Thanks, sorry for the churn,

----- Forwarded by David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM on 04/27/2006 12:20 PM -----
David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM

04/27/2006 05:05 AM

"WTP PMC communications (including coordination, announcements, and Group discussions)" <wtp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Status of WTP 1.0.2 announcement

For any of you that have noticed I have not yet announced WTP 1.0.2, I didn't just forget :)

But, I did find a late breaking bug, that I wanted to investigate, to be sure we understood technical
implications, and implications for adopters .. and even if we do not treat it as "stop ship", I wanted
to be sure we had a planned action in place first, before announcing.

    Update Manager site broken: underscores are in some feature version qualifiers

I'm sure I'll have an update and recommendation by our Thursday afternoon
status call.



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