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[wtp-pmc] Recommendation to use org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.api

As promised in last PMC meeting, here's the follow up note about using the
bundle from the Eclipse Project.

This is, basically, 3rd party code they ship, but now ship in a manner that
can not be "re-used" directly.  This  is a "bundlized" version of the servlets.jar
(version 4.1.30) available Apache Jakarta (

I have attached a long description, and background, and reference links which I will also attach to
our "IP Bugzilla" item, and ask Janet for how she would like to handle.
I do not think we need to (re)submit a contribution questionnaires, since the
Eclipse Project has, but I think we simply need to state that we intend to
also (re)use that third party content, that the Eclipse Project is already re-distributing.

I also suggest we handle our tracking of items like this in our IP Log (we still use that, right?)
with a section similar to the following ... in fact, I've checked this text into "head", but, we can
back-out if there's disagreement or concerns. Oh, and I might note, we just "include" this
content from Equinox during our build ... we do not have a duplicate copy of it in our CVS repository.

<h2>3rd Party IP provided by other Eclipse projects</h2>

      <table border="1">
        <td>Other Eclipse project or  component</td>

        <td>Apache 1.1</td>
        <td>The Eclipse Project (Equinox component)</td>
        <td>This is a "bundle-ized" version of the servlets.jar 4.1.30 from Apache Jakarrta.</td>

As background:

We in WTP have been "piggy backing" on some "internal" functionality
that was in the base Eclipse Help system -- it is related to Apache Tomcat, and
has long been part of the Eclipse help system (for several releases).

As of Eclipse 3.2, RC1, that "internal" functionality is no
longer visible "externally", since some parts of that visibility
were causing problems with adopters of Eclipse.

But, if we can not re-use it, as we have been, then there's a number of
WTP functions that would be impossible ... the two known ones are
web services explorer, and some functions of JSP Editing, that
depends on analyzing taglibs.

I've captured the main technical issues in bug
(and the bugs it refers to) if anyone wants to read more of the


The recommended solution is for us to in WTP to regain this functionality,
by re-distributing the org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.api that is provided by
the base Eclipse Project. This bundle (plugin, jar) is the same code as
the servlets.jar that is (still) shipped in some form in the Eclipse Help system,
but it has been "repackaged" to fit into the OSGi bundle framework.
But, again, now this third party code is "internal" to the help system and can not be re-used
(directly) by others.


In CVS, this org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.api bundle can be found at

Its current about.html file is

As explained in the 'about file', this code is
... subject to the terms and conditions of the Apache Software License 1.1 which is available at
<a href="";></a>.

Most of what's in CVS is simply binary code, but there are some DTDs and XML Schema's shipped as
part of this code. The text versions can be viewed at

I call these out specifically because

A. They do contain copyright statements, and

B. We, in WTP, have submitted other contribution
questionnaires asking to re-distribute these DTDs and
XML Schema's (plus, a few other, related, more recent versions).
So, just wanted to be explicit about the partial overlap
and the partial duplication in requests.

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