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Re: [wtp-pmc] Package name for JSF project..

+1 for


along with the usual test/core/ui/internal usage

Raghu, glad you asked, because technically "wtp" is wrong and would be inappropriate to release any packages with "org.eclipse.wtp"  [I'd seen that, but thought that it was just a "create project" mistake in cvs].

These org.eclipse namespaces are managed and "given" to projects from the Eclipse Foundation, and, as far as I know, they have only give us wst and jst, as those our the two projects of the WTP pmc. (though, it does make sense to have 'wtp' reserved for our use :)

So, technically ... one might argue you should use org.eclipse.jsf (since, technically being your own project, in EMO's eyes) .... but,, I agree that org.eclipse.jst.jsf is better as it captures long term plans, and appropriate level of abstraction, and, as time goes on, will produce less churn for any upstream consumers. And, yes, really should be done ASAP -- lucky for us all Eclipse has good refactoring tools :)

Tim, if you agree, I suggest you send a note to Bjorn on our behalf, and state our (and JSF's) plan is to use org.eclipse.jst.jsf, instead of the more proscribed org.eclipse.jsf (just to keep EMO informed, no need to wait for approval) . Oh, and while you are at it ... ask him to reserve "wtp" :)  


Raghu Srinivasan <raghunathan.srinivasan@xxxxxxxxxx>
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04/14/2006 01:52 PM

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[wtp-pmc] Package name for JSF project..


We currently use the prefix, org.eclipse.wtp.jsf, in the package name
and plugin ID. However, once we exit incubation, I believe the project
will be a component of jst and hence the right prefix would be

I need guidance on the following:
1) Is, org.eclipse.jst.jsf, the right package name for the project?
2) Can we defer the refactoring to post1.5 release?

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