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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for Tuesday, March 28th telecon

Call Info: 866-214-3176 or 404-827-9098. Access code 8870689.



  • Community
    • Weekly report
    • EclipseCon recap
  • Procedural items
    • Version numbering for June 2007 release
    • Confirm intent to ship maintenance release + tech preview update synchronized to platform’s fall maintenance release.
  • 1.0.2 Status
    • Build status and endgame confirmation
  • 1.5 / Callisto
    • M6 / build progress
    • Callisto testing
    • Inclusion of JSF
  • Architecture (David)
  • JSF (Raghu)
    • Discussion of build coordination and M6 release synchronization
  • ATF (Craig)
  • Dali (Shaun/Neil)
  • Additional topics



Jochen sends his regrets for the meeting.

Craig Becker has been invited to the WTP PMC call to represent ATF.

Dali leadership (Shaun/Neil) has a standing invite through incubation exit to join the calls.


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