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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for Tuesday, March 20th telecon

Call Info: NO CALL. This is a face-to-face meeting at the Santa Clara Convention Center Hyatt.



  • Community
    • Reminder of upcoming events at EclipseCon, sprint and tutorial debrief, Eclipse Review available (with WTP article)
  • Procedural items
  • Committer votes. We will vote to approve Kate’s nomination and those for Richard and Rob conditioned on the remaining votes. (See summary below.)
  • 1.0.2 Status
    • Platform 3.1.3 to coordinate against?
    • Endgame reprise
  • 1.5 / Callisto
    • Callisto testing by component leads (re-run JUnit and smoke tests in context of all the other projects)
    • M6 status
    • Release review – last week of May / first week of June?
  • Requirements (Jochen)
  • Architecture (David)
  • JSF (Raghu)
    • Discussion of build coordination and M6 release synchronization (including Dali)
  • Additional topics



Election Summary as of 9pm PST 3/20:


Kate Price

Nominated by: Lawrence Mandel on 3/13

Election closed 3/20

Additional +1s from: Arthur Ryman, David Williams, Amy Wu, Chris Brealey, Jeffrey Liu, John Lanuti, Craig Salter


Richard Mah

Nominated by: Craig Salter on 3/14

Election closes 3/21

Additional +1s from: Arthur Ryman, David Williams, Chuck Bridgham, Amy Wu, Chris Brealey, Lawrence Mandel, Jeffrey Liu, Der Ping Chou, David Lauzon, Keith Chong


Rob Frost

Nominated by: Chuck Bridgham on 3/16

Election closes 3/23

Addition +1s from: Konstantin Komissarchik, Arthur Ryman, Tim Wagner, David Williams, Tim deBoer, Vijay Bhadriraju, Gorcem Ercan


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