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[wtp-pmc] IBM Code contribution..


IBM has contributed the EMF model of the Faces configuration resource. The contribution is attached to the bugzilla entry 124226.

I would like to thank the IBM team for this significant code contribution. The JSF Tools Project team will be integrating the EMF model with the Faces-config editor contributed by Sybase and release it with the WTP 1.5 release.

We have scheduled a conference with the IBM team to discuss the contribution and explore ways to integrate the model with the faces config editor. Following are the details on conference call:
Date: 03/01, 1.00 PM PST (4.00 PM EST)

Conference No: 1-888-967-2253
Meeting ID: 444461
Meeting password: 573573

Web Conference info:
Conference Title           EMF Model Contribution discussion
Conference ID       38579867
Conference Key
To check that your system is ready for web conferencing, click New User and then Test.

Raghu Srinivasan
JSF Tools Project Lead

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