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[wtp-pmc] Callisto Requirements

From the initial Callisto call. We should review where we are against them and our plan for closing any gaps on the next PMC call.

Callisto Requirements

This group (the Planning Council) is the body that sets the requirements for Callisto. As Kevin stated, our key goal is to be the best that we can and thus these requirements are minimums.

  1. What we deliver in June must work together. Thus if project X does not work with Callisto, it will not be part of Callisto. Additionally, once this Planning Council believes that a project X cannot safely be made to work in time for Callisto, the project will be dropped from Callisto.
  2. All Callisto projects should have jar'ed plug-ins because this is good Eclipse citizenship.
  3. All Callisto projects should use Eclipse message bundles, not Java bundles because this is a good Eclipse citizenship.
  4. All Callisto projects must use ICU4J by RC0.
  5. All Callisto projects must use capabilities.

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