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[wtp-pmc] FW: Process for incubation exit versus "normal" WTP release reviews

FYI – checkpoint review information regarding incubation graduation (transition from technology or “in place” incubation projects into top-level project components).


Specifically w.r.t. the WTP release review: looks like we can combine the two into a single event, so long as we realize the additional criteria that the incubating project(s) must satisfy.


From: Bjorn Freeman-Benson [mailto:bjorn.freeman-benson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 7:34 PM
To: Tim Wagner
Subject: Re: Process for incubation exit versus "normal" WTP release reviews


Thanks for asking.
The answer is "yes, all projects in incubation (including those two) must go through an 'exit incubation review', i.e., a Checkpoint Review".  The CR can be combined with your 1.5 Release Review, that's fine (in fact, it might even be preferable).  The requirements for the CR are here. Basically, you have to demonstrate all the RR items plus you have to demonstrate that the project is a good Eclipse citizen and that it is a open and transparent and permeable and has a committer community and so on.

- Bjorn

Tim Wagner wrote:



A development process question for you: How does the incubation exit process work for


  • JSF
  • EJB 3.0 components that move into WTP


Of course, WTP will have a release review for 1.5, at which point any included material from either of these gets formally checked by the EMO, and prior to that WTP would have to itself be satisfied with the inclusion in our release. But are there additional “graduation” reviews that are held separately (and that need to be scheduled in advance of the 1.5 release review season proper)? If so, will these reviews differ substantially from release reviews in any way?







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