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Re: [wtp-pmc] telecon agenda for January 3, 2006 - belated regrets..

Sorry couldn't join the call today. I would like to discuss the process for the JSF project to join the WTP 1.5 release.

Tim Wagner wrote:

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break. We’ll resume PMC calls today – Call info: 866-214-3176, 8870689#


    * Community report (Lawrence)
    * 1.0 debrief – any lingering issues, early feedback, etc.
    * 1.0.1 update
          o Review M-build schedule
          o Review plan to close on “adopter hot list” items
          o M5 perf regressions (121603, 121692)
    * 1.5
          o First target – build/run with 3.2
          o Second target – join Callisto train in early March
          o Plan to close on requirements and task lists
    * Additional updates
          o Architecture
          o Requirements (1.5 and forward)
    * JSF
          o Project update/status
          o Timing w.r.t 1.5 release train
    * Additional topics


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