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Re: [wtp-pmc] FW: [wtp-dev] RC3 declared: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 -- 17:34 (UTC)


During our testing 120266 bug never completed the validation.  Although it is possible to import the project with disabling validation, I suspect this will be a mjor problem for all 0.7 users who will migrate to 1.0.  The first thing they will do is to import their projects and face this problem.

The project actually does not have large number of jars.  I would say it has the "right" number of jars for a typical web project with spring/hibernate/struts.

We can potentially defer this to 1.0.1 if  it was the only problem.  However, there  are other bugs (re: David's note).  I would say calling for RC4 is appropriate. Earlier we do it faster we can resolve and start the quiet period.

Naci, what’s your read on Vijay’s responses to 120266 and on the criticality of requiring an RC4 for this? Does his fix address your experience, and can it wait for 1.0.1 or do you require it in 1.0?


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Subject: [wtp-dev] RC3 declared: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 -- 17:34 (UTC)


I've promoted RC3 to the download page, because is had all the (pre)approved "hot list" bugs fixed over the weekend.
Thanks to everyone for their last minute efforts.

There has been some discussion of creating an RC4, which would require resetting the no-touch-week clock .... so, stay tuned.
Remember to test test test, and verify bugzilla defects ... especially those fixed bugs that were the most severe.

Released for RC3:
119769 cri P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 No modification stamp change in Utility project
110455 enh P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 List Downloadable Server Runtimes
118727 blo P2 PC deboer@xxxxxxxxxx ASSI 1.0 M10 Unable to set web module path in server document
116539 missing some infopop documentation (for SSE related function)
117755 Extension point documentation missing for many plug-ins      <-- I'm waiting on one last fix for this bug
119945 update html file on creating session bean
120022 Please update org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.infopop and org.eclipse.jst.server.ui.infopop
117755 Extension point documentation missing for many plug-ins
Update org.eclipse.jst.server.ui.doc.user and org.eclipse.wst.server.ui.doc.user

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